A Note from the Bookmaker

You like paper and you like the look of this journal, but you are wondering what you could possibly use it for.

Handmade journals are a source of fun and enjoyment, for paper lovers, for traditional journalers, for artists, for those who enjoy writing about anything.

Use it as a notebook, a diary, a planner, for sketches, for those thoughts that pop into your head, a scrapbook, a place to keep memorabilia, lists and inspiration!
Add extra pages, move the pages around, add photos...

Keep your “ephemera” scraps safe in the flaps, pockets, envelopes and “tuck spaces”. Fill every available space with your words, thoughts and memories. You cannot “spoil” a journal, you can only make it more beautiful by making it “yours” Use the artwork, the graphics, the “aged” pages and the decoration to inspire you.

Enjoy the feel of different papers, textures and colours, the crispness of new paper and the smell of old paper.

Old books and papers are sometimes used to make new books, so we are helping them to be loved and treasured again.

“Ephemera” is transitory written or printed matter not usually meant to be preserved. The word derives from the Greek “ephemeros”, meaning “lasting only one day, short-lived”. 

Long live paper!