See the Art Charms Gallery for photos

The art charms are made out of various things, including:

  • vintage jewellery

  • vintage lampwork beads

  • vintage buttons

  • vintage watches and watch parts

  • antique book pages sealed in resin

  • antique Victorian clay pipe stems

  • vintage and antique broken plates

  • sari silks from India

  • merino wool

  • mixed fibres

  • Harris Tweed fabric

  • Liberty of London fabric

  • handmade paper beads

  • various found objects

  • natural quartz and natural coal collected on walks in my area

  • sea glass and driftwood collected from north east beaches

  • river stones collected locally

  • handmade charms
    (pearls, crystals, beads, gemstones, shells, wood ...)

  • small bottles - "aged" with sandpaper and inks

  • resin cabochons